We are a Marketplace for Digital Services with passion

Based in Malaysia, we developed this marketplace to ensure that pricing and availability of digital services are readily available. This is to ensure that businesses and people alike are able to acquire them at the rate that they want and when they want it


What we do

For Vendors/Seller – From logo designing to online lessons. As long you can do it online. We at homEwork will definitely find a way to market your product but also help you to build your brand and bridge the expectation gap of consumers and your business.

For Buyers – We ensure security and satisfaction of the products acquired through our marketplace. Not only do we strive on ensuring satisfaction , but we are committed in ensuring that everyone that visits our marketplace will be left with something.

Price Transparency

Pay for services at the agreed price. Buyers just need to select their sellers , pick their desired packages and check out. Price transparency is what we try to achieve in Homework.

Jobs Availability

At Homework, we believe that jobs availability for digital services should be accessible to everyone. With the current digital era, businesses, corporates and SME’s are forced to transformed their businesses digitally. To make, each and every digital service available in Homework is our goal to ensure that Homework is a one-stop centre for all digital service related product.

Homework believes that the number 1 core in our platform is trust. No one should feel any distrust in our platform as we pride ourselves building our brand name with trust as our main priority. How we do it? By ensuring payment to talents are met on time without limits , by honoring our guarantee to our hirers that their expectation are met and creating a structure that solely believes that this platform will not break its number 1 rule where as long it is stated in our platform, we will honor it.


Homework will ensure all that work assigned, payment needed, and time related issue will be prioritized secondly after trust. This is due to the fact that, TIME in this day and age is more important than gold. Any able method that can be done in a day faster, will be done in a day faster without excuse except when trust is an issue.


Talent being a commodity in our platform is similar to talents being the blood that provides the oxygen to our marketplace in Homework. Without talents, Homework is a dead marketplace. To ensure there is necessary supply of talent in our marketplace. We commit itself in building an academy or university structure where we are able to nurture or train new talents through our programmes. We believe that everyone that in this earth have the talents that are undiscovered, be it writing, drawing or singing. Every talent is able to be digitalize.



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