The Art Of The Smile

Long years ago, you have to wear two sets of eye glasses, then doctors discovered the lens at the bifocal eye-glasses, then recently they do the same thing.

Buyer FAQ

What is HomEwork

This is a Malaysia-based online marketplace for you to hire the best freelancers for any work or project. For example, you can hire a freelancer to build a website for you, design a logo, proofread your essay , and many more.

Should I pay first or later for the service?

You must pay first for the service, and only after that the seller will start working on your project.Remember you are always protected by our Buyer Protection Policy which guarantee you a 100% refund if the seller fails to complete the project, or fails to meet the agreed deadlines or requirements

How do I make payment

Click “Place Order” on the seller listing page to go to checkout page. You can pay by debit card, credit card, or online banking during checkout. And online payment via our platform is mandatory for safety and security reason.

Can I pay seller directly?

No. It is against our terms to pay the seller directly due to safety and security reason. You will not be protected by our Buyer Protection Policy if you pay the seller directly. The seller has also agreed not to accept any direct payment from the buyer.If the seller asks you to pay him/her directly instead of via our platform, please let us know at or you can go the seller listing page and click “Report”.

Buyer protection policy

100% money back guaranteed if the seller fails to finish your work or didn’t complete your work based on agreed requirements or deadlines.

Why use HomEwork to hire freelancers for your project or work

When we develop this marketplace, we want to create a safe and trusted environment for you as a buyer to buy any service or gig you want from sellers (freelancers) in Malaysia. For every order you place, you are protected by Buyer Protection Policy. Through this platform, you can view the price upfront, and compare the price offered by different sellers for a similar service. Sellers’ reviews are also displayed in their listing profile page. So, hire freelancers now, and get any work done – from RM10.

How it Works?

To find the right person for your project or work is very easy.

1) Search the right seller (freelancer) based on your selected categories.

2) Click on the profile page of the seller.

3) View the seller’s work samples, feedbacks from buyers

like you, and e.t.c.

4) Contact the seller via WhatsApp or Contact Form before

placing any order.

5) Click “Place order” to pay for the service via our safe

and secure checkout page.

Is it safe?

Yes. You will be protected by our Buyer Protection Policy.

Service Fee

There will be a 2.9% service fee for every order you place. This helps us to operate our platform, offer you customer support for your orders, and protect your orders under our Buyer Protection Policy. You can view the final price of your order at the checkout page.

How do I contact the seller before I place my order?

On the profile page of the seller, there is a WhatsApp button and live chat that you can use to contact the seller. Before placing any order, please contact the seller first to outline your requirements.

What if I’m not satisfied with the delivery of the products?

First, please contact the seller for any revisions. If that fails to resolve the issue, please contact us at,my and we will try our best to resolve the disputes.

What if seller cancel my order?

Don’t worry, you will be refunded. Thus, it is important for you to contact the seller first before placing any order to avoid any cancellation by the seller.

I have been charged twice?

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please contact us at and we will issue a refund as soon as possible..

Seller FAQ

How do I start selling in this marketplace?

Click “Become a Seller” to register as a seller first. Then, you can start posting, and selling your service on this platform

How long will it take for my post to be approved?

Your job postings will be approved by our admins within 24 hours.

Can I ask buyers to pay me directly?

No. Directing transactions outside homEwork marketplace or asking the buyer to pay through means outside the platform is strictly prohibited. You will be banned, and all your listings will be removed from this platform if you ask buyers for a direct payment

Are there any charges for sellers’ completed work?

Yes. The admin fee is 15% for any services costing RM20 & above. This will help us to cover our admin, operating, marketing, and etc expenses. Hence, as a seller, it’s against our terms and conditions for you to ask a direct payment from a buyer. You will be banned from our platform if you do so.

*Fee’s calculation example:

If you sell a service for RM100,

the admin fee will be 15% x RM 100 = RM 15.

Your final earning after taking into account the admin fee will then be RM 85

If you sell a service for RM20

the admin fee will be 0%

Your final earning for jobs below RM20 is RM20

What kind of service can I post

Please see our category options as a guide. If your option is not available, please choose Others option. All service submissions are still subjected to our approval in order to comply with our terms and conditions.

How will buyer contact me?

The buyer will contact you via WhatsApp or live chat. Therefore , it is highly recommended that you provide an accurate phone number to improve communication

How do I get payment from buyer?

Once you have delivered the order and the buyer marks the order as ‘completed’, your earnings will then be ready to be transferred to your bank account.But first, you will need to make a withdrawal request at your Seller Dashboard, and we will approve your request within 5 working days.

Note: Please do not forget to add your bank account details at Seller Dashboard > Bank Account as we will transfer your earnings to this account.

Are there any fees for earnings withdrawal?


How can I deliver a completed work or a file to buyer?

By email or any means of communication. If the file size is too large, please share it via Google Drive.

Can I cancel a buyer’s order?

Yes, but the buyer may leave a bad review on you. Hence, it is important for you to contact the buyer and explain the reasons for cancellation.

To cancel the buyer’s order, please go to your Seller Dashboard > Buyer Order > View > Update order status to “Cancelled”.

How do I delete seller’s account?

Please let us know at